CP22 is a series of petrol (gasoline) driven high-pressure water-blasters from 170 to 500 Bar and 16 to 46 L/min in flow capacity. The machines are with rear wheels with parking brake, castor front wheel. The frames are made corrosion resistant and powder coated. The Honda engine is with electrical start.

Model Pressure Flow
CP22-170 170 bar 46 Lpm
CP22-220 220 bar 36 Lpm
CP22-280 280 bar 27 Lpm
CP22-350 350 bar 23 Lpm
CP22-500 500 bar 16 Lpm
General specifications
Engine 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine, Electric Start
Engine power 16.4 kW
Engine rpm 3600 rpm
Tank 28 L
Max fuel consumption 6.8 L/h
Standard 1100mm x 750mm x 1080 mm (160 kg)
Standard w. wheels 1100mm x 1050mm x 1080 mm (170 kg)
400L ver. 1300mm x 1120mm x 1250 mm (250 kg)
800L ver. 1300mm x 1490mm x 1250 mm (280 kg)