CP20 is a series of petrol (gasoline) driven high-pressure water-blasters from 280 to 500 Bar and 16 to 32 L/min in flow capacity. The machine are with pneumatic rear wheels with parking brake, castor front wheel. The frames are made up in hot-dip galvanized and powder coated pressed sheet metal parts with all enclosing side frames in stainless steel. It measures 1060 x 760mm and 850mm high. The Subaru Robin engine is with electrical start.

Model Pressure Flow
CP22-170 170 bar 46 lpm
CP22-220 220 bar 36 lpm
CP22-280 280 bar 27 lpm
CP22-350 350 bar 23 lpm
CP22-500 500 bar 16 lpm
General specifications
Engine 2 Cylinder 4 Stroke Petrol Engine, Electric Start
Engine power 16.4 kW
Engine rpm 3600 rpm
Tank 28 L
Max fuel consumption 6.8 L/h
Standard dimensions 1100mm x 750mm x 1080 mm
Standard weight 160 kg
Standard w. wheels dimensions 1100mm x 1050mm x 1080 mm
Standard w. wheels weight 170 kg
400L tank version dimensions 1300mm x 1120mm x 1250 mm
400L tank version weight 280 kg
800L tank version dimensions 1300mm x 1490mm x 1250 mm
800L tank version weight 280 kg