CH40 is a series of hydraulic powered high-pressure water-blasters from 230 to 1380 Bar and 13 to 74 L/min in flow capacity. The machine are with pneumatic rear wheels with parking brake, castor front wheel. The frames are made up in hot-dip galvanized and powder coated pressed sheet metal parts with all enclosing side frames in stainless steel. It measures 1600 x 1050mm and 1150mm high. One central lifting eye.

Model Pressure Flow
CH40-230 230 bar 70 Lpm
CH40-400 400 bar 45 Lpm
CH40-550 550 bar 35 Lpm
CH40-650 650 bar 28 Lpm
CH40-800 800 bar 22 Lpm
CH40-1250 1250 bar 16 Lpm
CH40-1380 1380 bar 13 Lpm
General specifications
Hydraulic pressure 230 bar
Hydraulic flow 105 Lpm
Engine power 32.8 kW
Dimensions 1600mm x 1050mm x 1150 mm (300 kg)